Yosemite National Park.

East-central California.

Established in 1890.

    “Valley of world-famed beauty—Lofty cliffs—Romantic vistas—Waterfalls of extraordinary height—3 groves of big trees—Large area of snowy peaks—Waterwheel Falls—Fine trout fishing”                            National Park Service report, 1920

The road to Glacier Point, opened in 1882, has probably one of the most scenic views from a horseshoe curve in the country. Half Dome is on the right

Artist Point, two miles west of Bridalveil Falls, is on the pre-1933 Wawona Road.

Sections of the old Big Oak Flat Road are now hiking trails. Half Dome in the distance.

   “The present approach roads to the park—the Big Oak Flat and Wawona Roads—are usually is such bad state of repair as to discourage travel in summer time . . . The ‘good-roads idea’ has taken so solid a hold on the minds of the motoring public that unless something is done soon the way of permanent improvements on roads into and within, not only this but all national parks, interest in our national playgrounds is going to wane.”   National Park Service report, 1920

Mountain Lion (Cougar, Puma)

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