Glacier National Park.

Western Washington.

Established in 1899.

    “Largest accessible single peak glacier system—26 glaciers, some of large size—48 square miles of glaciers, 50 to 500 feet thick—Wonderful wild-flower fields.”

                                            National Park Service report, 1920

The road to Nisqually Glacier, billed as “the first Automobile road to reach a glacier,”opened in 1908.

The “Road to Paradise” ended at the still-operating Paradise Inn.

The old road between Narada Falls and Inspiration Point was a ranger-controlled, one-way set of switch-backs. In good weather conditions, 125 cars could be handled on the hourly schedule

   “The last 8 miles of road in the park, from Glacier Station to Paradise Valley, is a one-way road, and cars are only permitted to enter on the road at hourly intervals. The present parking space for automobiles at Paradise Valley is wholly inadequate . . . Cars are parked all over the hillside at dangerous angles.”

National Park Service report, 1920

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