General Grant National Park.

East-central California.

Established in 1890.

[Incorporated into Kings Canyon National Park in 1940]

    “Created to preserve the celebrated General Grant Tree, 35 feet in diameter—6 miles from Sequoia National Park.”   National Park Service report, 1920

The General Grant Tree, declared “The Nation’s Christmas Tree” and the only living National Shrine, is the third largest living thing on earth.

The stump of the Mark Twain tree shows the immense size of the Sequoia trees.

The Cedar Grove Road into Kings Canyon was completed in 1939.

   “Soon after the Sequoia Park is extended by pending legislation, steps should be taken to secure funds to complete the road connecting the Giant Forest [in Sequoia National park] with headquarters in General Grant, thus furnishing what will be oe of the most scenic “loop’ roads in the Nation.” National Park Service report, 1920

Douglas Squirrel (Chickaree)

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